A Winter Festival

Several years ago I put together some experiences from other communities I’d witnessed and considered the idea of a local festival based on blues, brews, and stews. I made a pitch to a local organization but I think the word brews made wax form in its ears. Actually what I had in mind was a winter indoor gathering featuring a few acoustic musicians playing blues, older country, and roots music while the festival goers enjoyed sipping on something brewed, and warming their innards from an assortment of stews or soups. The brewed could include winter ales, mulled cider, a steaming mug of gourmet coffee, or a cup of hot herbal tea.

I recently ran the idea past a person involved with the creation of last year’s Oktoberfest and they seemed to think it had some merit. The success of Oktoberfest and its biergarten proved that adults can assemble, enjoy some good food and spiritus fermenti, and not have it turn into a drunken orgy or brawl. I see what I’ve suggested as merely the skeleton of an idea and I’m inviting you to put some meat on the bones. We need a place, we need a sponsoring organization, we need musicians, we need large bosomed maidens a pouring, and we need….?  

5 thoughts on “A Winter Festival”

  1. Yes, I understand there is to be a beer garden at the Greene Countrie Towne Festival this Summer. Very surprised that it’s happening. Though I’m not a beer drinker, I had suggested something of the sort some years ago to try to perk up the festival that seemed to be dying on the vine at the time. Well, you’d have thought I’d suggested a house of prostitution! Needless to say, it went no where.

    1. Many Festivals ago while the Eagles were uptown they had a beer garden behind the Lodge. Darn good idea for this year too in my oppinion.

  2. While I cannot provide the place, musical talent, organizing enough to be able to sponsor anything at all, or large bosoms by which to qualify for bar maiden I would certainly attend something such as this! Come on somebody and put some meat on this skeleton! What a great event this would be!

  3. I love the idea. Unfortunately I missed the Oktoberfest last time, but it is definately on my list for this year. It’s about time Greenfield and it’s people are known for the positive things happening instead of just the negative.

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