Farmer’s Market 2012 is On!

Made the trip to town yesterday evening for the opening day of the 2012 Greenfield Farmer’s Market. As you may know the market has been relocated to Gen. Hull Way next to the City Building in trying to make it more central to the community and to draw attention to downtown merchants.

While the fresh grown local produce hasn’t turned up yet there were still good things to bring back to the wife and grandchildren. Julia Estlegroth had some great looking baked goods and a small container of oatmeal, craisins, nuts, and white chocolate chips. From Mary Jane Parker I snagged a slice of sugar-free cherry pie and from others I picked up a jar of homemade hot pepper jelly and some fresh cilantro. Also on display was a variety of hand crafted jewelry, natural oils, lotions and soaps, hand crafted canes and other word workings, plus floral and decorative works. Bill Walls was selling locally raised frozen pork products and I meant to pick up some sausage links and pork chops on the way out but it slipped my mind. In a few weeks he plans to have chicken and lamb also available. Sorry Bill!

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market 2012 is On!”

  1. Great pictures Larry, talking about lamb, that is my wife’s favorite. I went to a Mexican party Saturday night and had baby Goat. Was probably the best I have eaten so far, the flavor was so tasty and not strong. It was fixed in a big pot sealed with bread dough around the lid to hold in the heat, kinda like a pressure cooker. My wife say’s Goat is made different ways in Mexico. Some use a pot some just use a spit. And my wife’s family uses a pit lined with hot rocks and banana leafs then covered with dirt.

    1. I’ve had lamb chops a few times and liked them. Only goat I’ve eaten was at Moon Light BBQ in Owensboro, KY. Didn’t really care for it, flavor was a tad too strong for me. But I wouldn’t pass up a chance to try it in other ways. We raise a lot of meat sheep and goats in this area now but it doesn’t make to to the local tables and you don’t see much of it in our local stores. We remain beef, pork and chicken.

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