Gays, Horse Dancing, & Mitt Romney

Marriott International (the hotel chain) was founded by a Mormon and its current owner is both a Mormon and a major contributor to Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney once served on the board of directors of the company.

While Mitt Romney is an avowed non-supporter of same-sex marriage Marriott International is one of the first hotel chains to offer equal benefits to same-sex couples.  It also is making major marketing efforts to attract GLBT customers by offering gay wedding venues, event planning, and catering services. Armed with this knowledge, Eileen Smith, on one of her recent blogs, is wondering if Romney is aware of this. In her very satirical styles she asks:

“Is Romney aware of this? I find it hard to believe that the man who is so into dressage horses is so against gay marriage. Is there anything gayer than a prancing horse dancing to “Lady Marmalade”?”

Smith is not the only one making fun of Romney’s interest in dressage, which is what one comic has referred to as, “horse dancing.” Upon hearing one of Romney’s horses may be headed to the London Olympics, Stephen Colbert has stepped forward and admitted to dressage being his favorite athletic sport.

Should Romney win the presidency he wouldn’t be the first to be a horse fancier. Reagan was often seen on the back of a horse and Teddy Roosevelt didn’t become a Rough Rider by straddling an early Harley-Davidson. The difference, as I see it, is that while all our former equine enthusiasts were of the John “Duke” Wayne genre, Romney will be the first to embrace dancing with horses.

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