Give Me the Dead Guy

I’ve been talking a lot about beer lately and the reason is simply, there are so many brews to experience. Came home from New York and found my son, who had been house setting, had left me several bottles of ale bearing the name, Dead Guy Ale. Hell of a name but one that demands it be tried.

So, last evening I uncorked a bottle and poured its contents into a clear pint beer glass. Simply one of the best looking beers I’ve ever seen. An unfiltered amber nectar with a beautiful foamy head that always says freshness to my eyes.

After just a couple of sips I began feeling my brain melt. A little research revealed that the alcohol content averages 6.5% which is 33% stronger than what I normally consume. To maintain a degree of sobriety I had to drink slower but didn’t want to. The flavor was just superb. Rich, full-bodied, hints of all kinds of good stuff, and so, so, smooth.

I’m pretty sure this may have been the best carbonated adult beverage I’ve ever had. When I ask my son where he got it the response was, “Cruz-Thru, $13 a six-pack.” Now I’m faced with a life altering decision. Do I try convincing myself $6 Yuengling Bock is just as good or, do I come out of retirement so I can afford the corpse?

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