Local Corn & Water Could Put You in Biz!

Here’s a business opportunity for someone in Greenfield. We are surrounded by corn and I’ve been told by Dr. Rich Sapienza, owner of Visibly Green, that our local water supply is top quality. A newly signed law permits people to obtain a distillery permit, distill whiskey, and sell directly to customers. The door is open for someone to start-up a craft distillery in one of our vacant storefronts get in on the ground floor.


2 thoughts on “Local Corn & Water Could Put You in Biz!”

  1. If only the Legendary Pop Corn Sutton was still around, made the best shine in Tennessee and North Carolina. I was fortunate to have met him and drink some of the smoothest Moon Shine I have ever tasted. The stuff that I buy now can not be compared to his brew. Word has it that Charlie Daniels bought the rights to make it. I bet it still isn’t as good, due to the newer stills and water source.


    1. I’ve seen him on TV, cool character. Recently I saw a short segment about Maker’s Mark whiskey who held off increasing their production for a long time. When they finally decided to do so they had their original equipment duplicated in every detail.

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