Random Thought: RVs

For years I’ve toyed with owning another motor home or a travel trailer. When I’m out and around my eye is always searching for a good deal on one. I’ve not kept count but there are many homes having some sort of RV parked in a side yard. Too often the RV is in better condition than the home it sits next to.

2 thoughts on “Random Thought: RVs”

  1. My RV experience includes a very old Apache pop-out tent camper the we used for years. Later I owned a 1970s Winnebago Chief that was akin to taking a grain truck on vacation. I traded it off for a 1987 Honey Class C 21′ motor home and drove it for a number of years going to ham radio shows and occasionally on vacation. I really liked traveling in a motor home. Very convenient and nice to sleep in your “own” bed. Everything is just so familiar, like your real home! Can’t imagine filling the tank on one at today’s prices but according to the news, RVing is bigger than ever!

  2. We’ve had one (30′ self-contained Class A motorhome) for years but haven’t taken it out for a couple. With gas as high as it is, we have found it now costs about the same to drive or fly & stay in motels. I always liked the personal space & friendliness of campgrounds offered with the RV & would consider a smaller trailer if this one would sell.

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