Inexpensive Rent Offer for Your Start-Up

Sometime ago I wrote a piece encouraging landlords in Greenfield’s business district to consider lowering their rents to encourage the start-up of small businesses. I have no idea if my ideas had any effect but I did hear from Dr. Richard Sapienza about some start-up properties he is offering at very reduced rates. Here’s what Rich is making available.

“I own the old med center at 201 S. Washington and I’m helping 3 ladies start 3 businesses under Angels with Hearts. The rent for each lady is $100 and month or about $.10 per square foot to get their business going. I want the business to be successful so they can eventually purchase the building in order for me to do more.

I am also renting other space comparably and want to start businesses.  I have business plans for a low-cost, small theater for DVD/Stream movies; for a small bowling alley/family restaurant; for a bakery and more.”

Dr. Sapienza has told me what he paid for the old medical arts building on So. Washington St. and what it is costing him each year in property taxes. In the interest of fostering business and economic growth in Highland County it seems to me that the county might consider a temporary tax abatement to help promote his long-term effort to increase the tax base and thus, county revenue.

2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Rent Offer for Your Start-Up”

  1. Larry,
    Once fully repaired I’ll have a building with about 10,000sq ft under one roof for rental. Two batrooms and more. Great for shows, dances, sporting and flea market. I want about $100/day-event.


    1. Well the first thing that comes to mind is a place to hold a winter blues, stews and brews festival. Secondly, some of the local auctioneers may be looking for a place to hold winter consignment auctions. Will you have tables and chairs available for rent for events? The price is certainly fair. My son in law rented space at Robert’s Arena for an artifact auction and the cost far exceeded $100 for the day!

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