A Factoid Comes Home

I saw a statement recently that the typical American teenager sends around 3500 text messages a month. Being a little taken back at the number I decided to ask my teenage granddaughter if she fit that mold. The conversation went something like this:

  • Q – Harper, do you send anywhere close to 100 text a day?
  • A – Ah, well not when I’m home because we don’t have cell service.
  • Q – How about when you’re in town staying over with a friend?
  • A – (with a sly grin) Well, yeah.
  • Q – Okay, not let’s honest about this, has it ever happened that the person you were texting was in the same room with you?
  • A – (even slier grin and not looking me in the eye) Well, yeah.
  • Q – Okay, one more question and I want you to be brutally honest. Have you ever said to yourself, wow, this is really stupid?
  • A – (with a big smile and eyes wide open) Yes, and it really is stupid but it’s fun!

Like it or not, I have a perfectly normal granddaughter. Even though I have, at times, nicknamed her A.B. Normal!

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