Eugene Revisited

Eugene’s tombstone in the Sabina Cemetery. He was finally laid to rest in 1964.

Several years ago on the site I wrote a short piece about Sabina’s Eugene. The African-American man who was found dead along the 3C Highway outside of Sabina. Several people offered their own stories of having witnessed Eugene’s body at the Littleton Funeral Home in Sabina.

Most recent, Derek Myers, publisher of the Fayette Advocate, has written a piece about the subsequent history of Eugene. He contacted me about quoting my earlier piece but I forgot to tell him that just a month ago I discovered that it was my uncle, Homer Waterman, who may have been the person who found Eugene’s body back in 1928. I heard of the possible connection on Facebook and checked with Homer’s daughter, Alexa, who said she had memories of hearing that said when she was a young girl. Homer grew up in Washington Court House and would have been a teenager in the late 20s.

Click HERE for Derek’s article.

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