Faces in the Greenfield Cemetery

In June of this year I traveled to Greenfield for a family reunion and to attend my brother Tom’s high school class reunion.

My wife is a native of Mexico and a descendant of the Aztecs. She was brought up raising sheep and goats in the Mountains north of Mexico City. At a young age she had plenty of time to study the lay of the land and cloud formations in the skies. Being very superstitious she was always looking for signs the might foretell coming events.

We’ve all done this, looked at a cloud and see a face or faces. Often people of deep religious faith see the faces of religious figures such as Mother Guadalupe or Christ himself. We see similar things in the outline of mountains or the lay of a forest’s trees.

With this in mind we paid a visit to  my parent’s grave in the local cemetery. In doing so we drove by the old mausoleum and my wife suddenly told me to stop the car. I stopped and asked what the problem was, figuring I was about to run over a squirrel or something. She then said, “Did you see the images of people on the side of the mausoleum?”

Sure as could be, as I backed up one could see, at the correct angle, what appeared to be faces and figures of people who had somehow become etched in the stone slabs of the structure. On the back side of the building there are what appears to have been three openings for windows. I’m sure there were never any windows there and these panels are simply a part of the building’s design.

After years of neglect the building is in dire need of repair. The roof leaks and water running down the structure’s sides have caused discoloration of the stone blocks it is constructed of. If you look very hard at the correct angle you may see what my wife and I saw that day, faces and figures of people from long ago. Maybe the inhabitants of the mausoleum whose remains were recently re-interned in a long line of graves in a newer part of the cemetery.

In the photos we took that day you can see in one photo the image of a face. In another you may see three standing figures looking at another person who is wearing a long robe.

Make of it what you may but possibly this could become the attraction that will bring pilgrims by the bus loads to see the wonders of Greenfield’s mausoleum. And maybe the village should think twice about tearing the thing down.


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