HUBA’s First Ever BBQ Event

Hillsboro’s HUBA (Hillsboro Uptown Business Association) hosted their first annual barbecue contest this past Friday and Saturday. Sixteen teams showed up on Friday evening to fire up their smokers and begin the process of rendering pork shoulder into the smoked pork so many of us love.

I was among the six judges who decided whose talents and techniques produced the best pork and, as always, it was a blast. Getting to sample so many styles and offer your opinion is just a great way to spend a Saturday morning, even if the temperature was soaring towards a lethal high.

Since it was a “blind” judging I didn’t know the names of the eventual winners. But, following are a selection of photos I took and maybe you’ll recognize some people.

4 thoughts on “HUBA’s First Ever BBQ Event”

  1. Do you judge pro? I’m KCBS and FBA certified (or certifiable), but my cardiologist told me I couldn’t judge any more a couple of years ago. I really miss it, maybe even enough to volunteer to judge a backyard event.

    1. I am certified by Memphis Barbecue Network and have only judge three events. I did the Indiana State Championship in Madison, IN. That was a KCBA event but they accepted me anyway. I also did The Big Pig Jig in Vienna, GA which is MBN and a locak unsanctioned event, HUBA. I became certified just because it sounded interesting and I enjoy BBQ. I learned a lot but have no real interest in judging anymore. However, that said, I liked the KCBA approach the best.

    1. Of the 16 entrants there were only 2 that would have compared to what is found in professional contest and 1 of those came in 1st and the other 4th. They were good but in a professional contest they would have been below average. Out of fairness, however, in professional competitions the teams come prepared with multiple pieces of meat, the experience needed to trim them just perfectly, use a variety of rubs and seasonings, and cull the lot for the best looking and tasting sample to submit for judging. The folks in Hillsboro were only provided a single shoulder and however it turned out was what they had to submit. No room for error.

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