Opening Day at Three Spoons Diner

Several of us in the family recently braved the heat to be in attendance for the opening day of Three Spoons Diner in Greenfield. The restaurant is operated by Doug Gall who previously was serving up meals in Rainsboro. When Brad Calhoun decided to take a break from the food biz Doug came in to help make sure Greenfield retains a place to sit down and enjoy a well prepared meal.

Little has physically changed, same rustic dining room, same large tables, same counter, and Billy Hazlett is still keeping things moving in the background. You’ll find lots of new faces, however, and a brand new menu. Doug brought all his employees from Rainsboro to work in the new digs and that’s a good thing. 

Hours of Operation beginning July 9, 2012.

Between the six of us we got to sample a number of menu items. I had half a fried oyster po’ boy sandwich with fries, my wife had a chef salad, my daughter had a cheeseburger with fries, my son had the shrimp po’ boy, and the granddaughters had items off the kid’s menu.

My oyster po’ boy was excellent except for the bun. I’m very particular about bread and having had po’ boys in NOLA, where they were born, I know what a good crusty roll is. I realize that it is very difficult to find such breads in Southern Ohio but I think Doug needs to continue the search. I’m guessing the fries were frozen but the quality was excellent.

Half an oyster po’ boy and fries.

The wife’s salad was an excellent presentation of mixed greens, ham and turkey. Her only complaint was the blue cheese dressing. Too runny and no big chunks of blue cheese. EAT in Hillsboro has spoiled us for blue cheese dressing. She also said the dish could be kicked up a notch with homemade croutons and not commercial.

Jefferson Street chef salad.

Mike enjoyed his shrimp po’ boy but was a little surprised to see it was made with sautéed shrimp and not deep-fried. Not a complaint, just never had it that way.

I ask my daughter about the cheeseburger and while licking her lips she gave me a hardy thumbs up.

To top things off the grand kids ordered dessert. One a slice of cheesecake and the other a slice of a dark chocolate layer cake with a pure white cream filling. I tried a bite of each and they were just as decadent as a dessert should be.

Ran into lots of friends, had a great meal, the opening day jitters were at a minimum and I fully expect to be a regular. As long as any local business is making an effort to bring quality to our community I can be counted on for support. I want to thank Doug and his crew for placing their faith in Greenfield.

2 thoughts on “Opening Day at Three Spoons Diner”

  1. Larry,
    I too ventured over to Doug’s place early to sample and delight at the food.
    I had the pulled pork stuffed potato skins appetizer and it’s a meal on its own. The flavoring was subtle and BBQ sauce gave the needed zip. The chili was a cross between Texas meat and Northeastern bean and not a Cincinnati style. Over spaghetti it should be great!

    My wife had the French dip and it was super cut from a nice piece of beef and paired with red onions and the non-salty au jus or horseradish sauce made for a great sandwich. The homemade potato salad is a real winner with cheese and bacon within. The dutch apple crumb with vanilla ice cream desert sent us home stuffed and very happy Because, living so close and with such good food at great prices will make my wife and I regulars! We are really looking forward to a local Sunday eatery.

    I hope Greenfield will go out of their way to make this spot a success. We need to appreciate and support the efforts of Doug and his family to run a business like this for our community.

    Rich Sapienza

    1. I/we have eaten there several times since they opened and haven’t been disappointed yet. They’re still working out the glitches and it will only get better. Doug and I are planning on a guess chef event for later this month or early August. We’re going to put on a traditional Southern low-country boil or Frogmore Stew. A percentage of proceeds will got to the Greenfield Historical Society. Details are still being worked out.

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