Senator Al Frankin on Disclosure

Seems to me that regardless of what your political alliances and loyalties are you would be interested in openness and disclosure in politics and political financing. A guiding principle in America has been that one person’s vote should count for that of another’s. While there is nothing new about money buying influence in politics the Citizen’s United ruling has not just let the horse out of the barn, it has kicked out the walls of the barn.

Possibly never in our history have those with big money has such access to those in political power. Senator Al Frankin has tried to get a Disclosure Bill through the Senate that, if enacted into law, would shed a little light on what is happening and hopefully restore some weight to the average person’s vote.

Frankin has written a column appearing on the Huffington Post about his bill and we all should give it a little of our time. Click HERE for Frankin’s article.

UPDATE: The GOP in the US Senate used the filibuster on Monday, July 15, 2012 to block Senator Frankin’s Disclosure Bill. I have to ask the same question of them that many are asking of Romney, what are they hiding?

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