A Two Fer One on September 15th

If you’ve never seen the Lewis Brothers and you’ve never been to Jay Wile’s Humboldt Hills you can check off two bucket list items with one stroke on September 15, 2012 beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Appearing with the brothers will be Gypsy Jug Band and Crow the Creeper. Humboldt Hills is an affordable outdoor venue with plenty of parking and free primitive camping. It’s BYOB, BYOLAWNCHAIR, and BYOBUGSPRAY. I’ve only been there once, to see the Lewis Brothers along with Cheap Wine and Bread, last summer but had a great time and looking forward to a repeat of an enjoyable evening of friends and entertainment.

Humboldt Hills is located at 8998 SR 41, Bainbridge, Ohio. Better yet, it is located exactly at the north edge of Humboldt on SR 41 and up a steep hill to your left if you’re headed south. There is a white house close to the road with a large Humboldt Hills sign. Turn into the house’s drive and immediately to your right you’ll see a dirt road going into a woods and up a hill. If you get lost you’ll be the first person to ever do so in Humboldt, Ohio!

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