Free Energy Assessments!

Whether you own or rent your home utility bills are a major expense. What you spend on heating, cooling, and hot water can make a real difference about how much is left from your income for other things. It’s been well publicized that Greenfield received a grant to provide a limited number of free energy assessments to identify where your home is costing you money. Once you know where the leaks are you can do something to plug them and you’ll be advised on how to go about this.

Anne Byars, a frequent visitor of this page, said she has had Sam Bowers of Greenfield Energy Solutions (GES) do an assessment of her 100-year-old farm-house and discovered, “Lots of big and little things we can do to help our energy bill – and many of the big things such as replacing appliances come with generous rebates from the manufacturers.”

GES usually has a table set up at the Thursday Greenfield Farmer’s Market with full details available. So, a visit to tomorrow’s market could be a real win-win for you. Save a ton on money on energy and pickup some great sweet corn while you’re at it.

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