Not Enough White Men for Mitt?

All the talk on this morning’s talk shows is focused on Romney not being able to win enough of the white vote to win the election. While I won’t speculate on that I do know that he is not doing well with Hispanics and African-Americans. His approval rating with Hispanics is in the mid-20s while the most recent poll shows he has absolutely zero support among blacks. I’m not sure David Duke couldn’t do better than zero!

Also, Romney isn’t doing all that well with single white women and as the Todd Akins have dominated the news with their insane views about rape and birth control Romney’s support from many married white women is weakening.

The GOP has tried to make the case that the Republican Party is a friend of women and is not engaged in a war on the gender. Well, how’s that spin working these days? Just consider some of the positions openly being touted by the GOP:

  • Making the claim that there is a difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape.
  • Claiming that a woman’s ability to be impregnated shuts down during rape.
  • Stating that it is rare that women become pregnant as a result of incest.
  • Attacking women’s health programs such as Planned Parenthood.
  • Voting against attempts to gain equal pay for women such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.
  • The right-wing bullying campaign against Sandra Fluke and women’s contraception.
  • Paul Ryan’s 38 attempts to take away the freedom of choice from American women.

Women are not different from men in that many of them will stay loyal and  ideologically steadfast to the GOP regardless of how radically stupid many of their spokespersons become. But, there are millions of wedded Republican women who are not wearing ideological blinders and whose votes can be turned away by the radical claims and statements of the extremists who control their party today. They may vote Democrat or simply, just stay home in November. 

So, we’re back where we began, Romney has kissed off the racial and ethnic vote and is not doing well with single women. He needs a massive herd of white people, of both sexes, to get him into the White House and polls show the next president will be decided by independents and married women. I don’t have a clue about how independents will vote but I can look at the GOP’s militaristic positions on women’s issues and imagine lots of women struggling over how to spend their one vote.

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