One Woman’s List v. Dave’s List

As reported earlier Dave Shoemaker has started up his own blog titled Shoe: Untied. Just like his stories that appeared on this site, Dave writes about lots of things but with a heavy emphasis on music. One of his more recent offerings departs from music and gets into one woman’s list of what would make a man acceptable for her considerations. Of course, Dave has his own list. Click HERE for an enjoyable from The Shoe!

2 thoughts on “One Woman’s List v. Dave’s List”

  1. Ok, so I read Dave’s article “Untied”. I have to admit that I thought his comments were pretty funny. As for the woman’s list, I felt it was reasonable… for the most part. I felt her compilation was qualities that most of us seek… a lot of it common sense–need not even be mentioned . However, now thinking back, some things she grouped together was a bit confusing.

    Dave’s list was straight to the point and most reasonable… I liked it. If I hadn’t read his comments to the woman’s list and had only read his list, I would have been left wanting to know more about his moral character. My only suggestion is that if you like to flirt, don’t tell your woman and definitely don’t do it in front of her! Actually, you shouldn’t flirt if your in a relationship… it’s just disrespectful.

    Overall, I thought the article was great. I found him to be humorous with a bit of intellect peeking through at times, lol.

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