Please, Let me Eat Cake!

Since the Three Spoons Diner first opened its door as part of the Rocky Fork Truck Stop I have impressed by they physical beauty of their cakes. Since they’ve relocated to Greenfield the beauty and choice has only gotten better.

I have already written about the joys of their Ho-Ho cake and have since enjoyed a great whose name may be pig lickin’ cake. My wife and I recently had supper at Three Spoons and I couldn’t help but notice all the cakes lined up on the counter so I broke out the cell phone camera and snapped the following pics.

By the way, for supper I had half a fried oyster po’ boy and homemade French fries. Janet had their pot roast and pronounced it to be wonderful.  On another occasion we shared an order of baked potato salad and it is worth giving a try. Baked red potatoes in their skins, egg, onion, and topped with chopped scallions and bacon crisp.



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