Vagina Only Topics

At some time in my adult life I acquired enough wisdom to know that certain topics are best left to women to discuss and make decisions about. I call these “vagina only” topics. A simple example would be the pain of child-birth. Men just have to accept that they will never, ever, experience anything as painful as child-birth.

While that may be a humorous example there is nothing humorous about the topics of birth control and abortion. So, given that these have been thrust into the public arena during the current political battles I think it is best I leave it to a couple of women I respect to bring a woman’s perspective to the debate.

Gail Collins and Maureen are two women who write columns for the New York Times and both have a message for the Missouri senate candidate, Todd Akin. Following are links to their columns:

Click HERE for Gail’s column and HERE for Maureen’s.

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