Give Us a Break!

Given the distortions of historical fact being perpetrated by the Romney/Ryan campaign they must be fairly certain the American people have little ability to recall recent events. And, maybe they don’t. Ryan said in support of Romney’s 47% trashing of American working people, “The whole point he (Romney) was trying to make was that we got to get people from lives of dependency and economic stagnation that’s occurred in the Obama administration because of his failed policies, back to lives of self-sufficiency.”

Give me a break, Mr. Ryan. I for one haven’t forgotten that for decades wealth in America tilted upward, the middle-class shrinking, wages on the decline, quality jobs by the millions sent overseas, trade unions attacked, labor laws weakened or ignored, and all before Barack Obama came on to the national political scene.

Our current financial collapse did not occur on Obama’s watch. Lest you have forgotten (or just chose to ignore) the bottom fell out and the buck stopped at the desk of George W. Bush. And, lest you forgot again, Bush was the Republican president whose policies you supported wholeheartedly. You were one of his main minions and share as much blame as anyone for the collapse of the American economy and the devastation it on our working people.

President Obama, as with any president, has not done everything right, since taking office. But the only way you can attribute the load of bad on him that you constantly attempt simply to ignore that there was a Republican sitting in the White House for the first eight years of this decade and that it was him, with your loyal consent and help, who wrecked this nation.

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