Just Another Evil

Much has been said about the true nature of Mitt Romney. No one seems to really know who or what the real Romney is. Whatever the answer the Pew Survey claims that no other candidate, “…has racked up unfavorable ratings this high during a campaign.”

Columnist John Avlon, writing for the Daily Beast says:

His “47 percent” comment resonated because it reinforced the negative narrative about Mitt as an out-of-touch member of the superrich with little feeling for policy, politics or people—a million miles away from W’s “compassionate conservative” mantra. He comes across as an awkward mix of Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller, without any of the redeeming qualities. And it’s arguable which is worse—whether Romney essentially believes what he said at the $50,000-a-plate fundraiser, or was simply pandering to the well-heeled audience.

Avlon went on to say that the one issue Romney has been the most consistent on has been his opposition to a liberal immigration policy. But even there he suddenly seemed to be reversing direction while recently speaking to a Hispanic organization in Miami. He commented there would not be wholesale deportations during his administration.

Not liking and not knowing Romney is the problem, we are less than 50-days from the election and few seem to have certain knowledge of what they’re going to get by voting for Mitt Romney other than they’ll be voting for someone other than Barrack Obama. People often claim that they are voting for the lesser of two evils. Well, this may be the one time where that is true for many Americans. So many don’t seem to like Romney, they just like Obama less.

To me it appears that Romney’s only chance of winning the White House depends on his being able to convince the electorate he has a consistently defined message, with details, and that he deeply believes in. Failing that, he’s just another evil.

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