No Peace in Palestine, says Mitt

Well, the second piece of video from a private Romney fundraiser has been released and in this one he is heard saying that peace in the Mid-East is impossible because the Palestinians just don’t want peace, “Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace.”

In what I viewed as a rambling overview of possible Mid-East scenarios, Romney gives no mention to the part played in the unrest by the history of the original partition of Palestine following WWII, the often brutal suppression of Palestinians by the Israeli military and police, and the constant encroachment onto Palestinian lands by Jewish settlements.

The United States has held an overtly and consistent pro-Israeli view since the 1947 divide of Palestine into two nations, Israel and Palestine. In fact, it was the US, using the Soviet Union’s absence from the talks, that forced a yes vote on the UN’s decision to divide Palestine.  Immediately after partition neighboring Arab nations attacked Israel and ever since there has been war, violence, and growing hatred for Israel and its backers, especially the United States.

Palestine and its people have gotten a raw deal out of all this and history is on their side. However, American Jews, political conservatives, Christian fundamentalist, and many others continue to ignore the realities and offer up almost unlimited support for Israel. Romney is merely one more in a long line who would do or say whatever to protect the interest of Israel.

By this time some of you are probably thinking I am anti-Israel and/or an anti-Semitic hater. Well, that’s not the case. In fact, I have always been an admirer of the efforts of the Jewish people to establish a homeland for themselves and have been sympathetic to their long plight over the ages. I remember sitting in the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen during the early 1960s and watching the premier of the film Exodus and being emotionally won over by the struggles of this young nation. It was fought with idealism and hope and with the support of much of the world, Israel has attained many of its original goals.

In the process, however, great tragedy has occurred and many innocents have had their lives destroyed. Too many times hope has been replaced by hatred and the violence that is hatred’s child. The hardliners of Israel and Palestine have not been willing to genuinely put aside their differences and get serious about a negotiated settlement. There is a way to achieve peace in the Holy Land but it will never be served by a blind American allegiance to Israel with total disregard and disrespect of the Palestinians. And that, is exactly what Mitt Romney is doing.

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