Satire is the Truest Means at the Truth

While I pretty much refuse to watch political conventions these days, Republican or Democrat, I can’t help but be exposed to snippets that make the news cycle. I, like so many Americans today, think the most factual reporting of the news can be found on the fake news programs such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. People who understand and enjoy satire realize that Stewart doesn’t really care what your politics or ideology is. What they are looking for is you to do or say something that is totally stupid, hypocritical, humorous, or ironic that they can use as the focus of a segment or skit.

I know Stewart is a liberal but that comes after being a comic. Conservatives claim he is biased because he hacks on Romney, the GOP, and Fox News more than about anything else. Well, there’s a simple explanation for that, Romney, the GOP, and Fox News do and say stupid, humorous, hypocritical, and ironic things more often than most others.

Here’s an example from a recent episode of The Daily Show. Samantha Bee is interviewing delegates to the RNC convention about their approving a platform plank banning abortion for any reason. All said they agreed with the party’s position. Then she asked how they reconciled the plank with Romney’s declaration that he would support exceptions for permitting abortions? To a person they said that freedom of choice was what America was all about and that Romney was exercising his right to believe what he wanted.

Not one of them seemed to realize that what they were doing was giving their stamp of approval to the pro-choice side of the abortion debate. Not a single person appeared to see the hypocrisy, irony, and humor in what they were doing. But, the satirist at The Daily Show certainly did. Through the effort of Samantha Bee I saw those delegates in a much truer light than would have ever been seen on any of the “real” news programs. You would have never seen Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN peeling away the layers and exposing the ridiculousness of what was happening in Tampa.

Now, will they do the same with the Democrats assemble in North Carolina? Yes they will, the comedians will be there in full force, peeling back the layers, and looking for comedic fodder for their grist mill. And if the Democrats prove themselves to be what the GOP showed itself to be, they’ll deserve every satiric barb hurled their way.

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