Thurston Howell Romney by David Brooks

Yesterday morning I tuned into the Morning Joe program on MSNBC to learn that Mitt Romney’s campaign intended to relaunch their presidential effort during the day. By evening the chatter was dominated by a video tape from May in which Romney, speaking in a very composed and artful way, essentially wrote off close to half the American population as being lazy, lacking self-motivation, selfishly entitled, clutching to the government’s teat, and failing to pay any income taxes.

So, on a day when we were expecting to see a new Romney emerge onto the political scene we get the same old Romney with his foot planted even deeper and more firmly in his mouth. Obviously the Democrats, as the should, are having a field day with this and it isn’t over. The source of the offending video tape claims to have much more to be released in the near future.

And, it isn’t just the Democrats who are all over this story. There are many in the Republican Party who are strongly questioning Romney’s viability as a candidate. This morning it was suggested by several conservative pundits that if things don’t change drastically and immediately, the money people backing Romney may simply shift their support to congressional races and let Mitt die on the vine.

Another conservative voice who has more than a few words for Romney is the New York Times columnist, David Brooks. In today’s NY Times, Brooks has a piece titled Thurston Howell Romney, a reference to the plutocratic paragon of snobbery from Gilligan’s Island.

To read Brook’s column click HERE.

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