Who Gets Food Stamps

FACTOID: Who gets food stamps (SNAP)? According to USA Today the breakdown is:

  • 47% of beneficiaries were children under age 18.
  • 8% were age 60 or older.
  • 41% lived in a household with earnings from a job — the so-called “working poor.”
  • The average household received a monthly benefit of $287.
  • 36% were white (non-Hispanic), 22% were African-American (non-Hispanic) and 10% were Hispanic.

One thought on “Who Gets Food Stamps”

  1. Notice that the percentage (%) that’s homeless was not listed. That is likely in part because the homeless, surely some of the people who needs Food Stamps the most, cannot easily get them. In most states, perhaps all of them, one must have an address, a physical address, I think, to get them, so unless homeless people can find a friend willing to let them use their address, they may be out of luck.

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