Ohio and the Auto Bailout

I talked to an executive at Johnson Controls over the weekend and was told they are now working three shifts and are seriously considering adding a second production line. This at a company that was essentially out of business until the Obama bailout of the American automobile industry.

The economy in Ohio has seen some amazing recovery in the last couple of years and since 82 of Ohio’s 88 counties have factories that product automotive parts it can easily be argued that much of the recovery is a result of the US government stepping up to the plate in several ways, i.e. the stimulus and the bailout.

This is especially relevant if you live in Highland County and even more so if you live in Greenfield. In our county we have Westec, a Japanese manufacturer of auto parts, and in Greenfield we have Johnson Controls, C-Mold, and Greenfield Research all feeding parts to the major auto assembly plants. Add to the list the parts manufacturers in neighboring counties and it becomes immediately obvious that economic health in our are is closely tied to the health of the automobile industry.

Given all the controversy surrounding President Obama’s stimulus efforts it should be pretty much a non-issue in our area. We have witnessed a pretty good rebound and much of it closely tied to the actions of the current presidency.

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