Security; Then & Now

Sally Kennedy has an interesting story on her North Coast Muse blog about the simplicity of attending a presidential campaign event in the 70s as compared to today. Life then was simpler in almost every way. You could still walk past the front door of the White House and drive your car up to the front steps of the US Capital Building.  In 1982 I walked into the Capital, sat in the House gallery watching a debate over broadcasting propaganda into Cuba, and then strolled to the Senate side, right past a room filled with Sen. Teddy Kennedy types engaged in social intercourse and sipping cocktails. All of this was totally without security screenings, emptying my pockets, or being patted down. Today one can’t even go to the top of the Empire State Building without a complete shakedown.

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  1. I’ve got a good one: my father and Dr. Doan went to Carter’s inauguration. They had standing room tickets. Dr. Doan said before he knew it, my dad was right down in front of the stage. He heard someone ask Dad “are you secret service?” He replied “Yep.” There they were front row!
    simpler times indeed.

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