These are not the Three Wise Men!

Okay, couple of months ago we got to meet Missouri’s favorite GOP son, Todd Akin, and learn that some rapes are “legitimate.” Then we get a Republican clown from Illinois, Joe Walsh, who claims that today’s woman has no reason to fear dying from complications while birthing a child. This is the same Joe Walsh who failed to pay child support to his ex-wife and only did so after she sued him.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, we get introduced to Indiana’s GOP candidate for the US Senate, Richard Mourdock, who wants us to believe that children conceived as a result of rape are a part of God’s plan.

The door is now open for a long dissertation but I’m not going there.  I’m just going to ask a simple question, how can the Republican Party, by remaining loyal and supportive of these three men, claim it is not engaged in a war on women?

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