Come on Cal, Get Real!

I’m getting very tired of hearing conservatives make the claim that anyone who voted for President Obama are takers rather than makers. That 47% of those who supported Obama did so because they are too lazy to care for themselves, have been victimized, and want something from the government.

Following the election the right has been all over this issue and continue to alienate the very people they have to attract if ever they hope to remain a viable force in American politics.

Most recently columnist and Fox News commentator, Cal Thomas, referred to Obama voters as being “freeloaders” and “moochers.” Well Cal, you need to get real, you need to open your eyes and consider some verifiable facts about who votes in America:

  • Most Americans are not extremists but consider themselves conservative moderates. Even those who are claim to be liberals are moderate liberals.
  • The vast majority of people who vote have jobs, are not on welfare, and abhor the thought of ever being dependent.
  • Bill O’Reilly’s 50% who want “stuff,” simply want a fair shake. They are not looking for a government teat to suckle at.
  • Those who supported both Romney and Obama are working people, family people, small business people, farmers, church people, veterans, public employees, military people, veterans, retirees, etc.
  • They are not illegal immigrants. It is increasingly difficult for American citizens to get registered and exercise their voting rights let along someone who is in this country illegally. The last thing an illegal alien would want to do is engage in something so public as voting.
  • Voters are not welfare cheats. Poor people, even those with jobs, generally don’t vote.   Same is true of those on welfare, especially those who want to be on welfare and don’t ever plan to get off welfare. Hell, many of them may not know we even just had an election let along being willing to get off their arses long enough to vote. Furthermore, the permanent welfare class makes up a very small percentage of the American population.

The following video is worth watching in that you can see for yourself the nonsensical rantings of Thomas and the far more valid arguments used against his rants by another member of the panel.

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