Do They Really Love US?

It is just too ironic that the people who claim to be the most loyal and patriotic, Republicans, are also the ones most prone to support dissolving the United States. A recent Omnibus Poll asked, “Should states be allowed to secede from the United States if a majority of their residents support doing so, or not?” Of those responding yes 43% identified themselves as Republicans while 10% were Democrats. The balance was made up of independents or those who had no opinion.

There really isn’t much of a surprise in this since ideologically conservatives favor strong state’s rights and a weak central government. The more conservative the stronger allegiance to the individual state. The issue of state v. federal rights has been with us since day-one and was a primary cause of the American Civil War.

It is just so bizarre that those who most fervently wave Old Glory include among their ranks so many who want to file for divorce.

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