Lessons of 2012

What yesterday’s elections teach us is yet to be totally known. But, in the short-haul we now know these things to be, “self-evident:”

  • You can’t trash and dismiss 47% of the electorate and expect their support.
  • Politicians, especially old white men, can’t utter misogynistic statements and expect to maintain the support of women.
  • Your political party can’t throw its money into supporting old white men with misogynistic beliefs and come away with noses that aren’t bloodied.
  • People of color in America are here to stay, are growing in numbers, and are increasingly active in the political process. Ignore at one’s peril.
  • A political party can no longer ignore the importance of young people. Exit polls show they turned out in even greater numbers than in 2008.
  • Talk radio’s audience is not indicative of the real America. Most Americans do not listen to the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Becks.
  • Most Americans, male and female, abhor the misogynistic, hateful, and racist views of politicians like Allen West, Joe, Walsh, Todd Akin, etc.
  • Most Americans recognize extremism wherever it exists and reject it.

And finally, most Americans will accept the decisions made by the majority of the voters and will expect the losers to become the loyal opposition and the winners to set aside their ideological doctrines and party loyalties enough to address the needs of the people and the nation.

Now, let’s sit back and see if the Republican Party learns anything from yesterday’s defeat and if both parties can find a way to advance the future of America.

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