Romney Ratified

Mr. Forty-Seven Percenter closed out his campaign arguing he was concerned for all Americans and that his earlier 47% blunder didn’t represent his true feelings and was taken out of context.

Well guess what, as the election indicated, most moderates and liberals didn’t believe him. And now that the race is over and he’s back home looking for an immigrant to wash his wife’s two caddies, he has once again spoken to his true feelings. That those who voted for Obama did so because they wanted to suck on the government cow and not work for a living. Once more Mitt Romney has chosen to trash nearly half the American people.

So, here’s what has happened, the American voter has been ratified in their rejection of Thurston Howell III and Thurston has ratified that he is truly a plutocratic elitist with little understanding of the average American.

As Republican politicians busy themselves jumping from the ship of Mitt the question remains how many of them secretly remain believers that America has become a nation of makers and takers. To paraphrase a phrase, however, their oar is in the water.

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