Chap’s Stick No. 1

Chap’s Stick No. 1 is pretty much a finished project. It consist of a 6×6″ cigar box I got at a  tobacco shop and a neck made from a scrap piece of red oak. The neck scale is 22″ and the pentatonic or blues scale is marked by small brads driven into the side of the neck. Jay Wile’s junk box provided the tuning machine and the 1/4″ amp jack. The amp pickup is a simple piezo disk hot glued inside the box as near the bridge as possible. A scrap bold, piece of 1/2 copper tubing, and sleeve from a pop rivet make up the other parts.

This is about as simple an instrument as is and in the true tradition was made from mostly found parts. It is played with a glass slide I wear on the ring finger of my left hand. Hopefully I’ll get a get a couple of melody’s or rifts down well enough to upload  a video someday.

Next project is working its way through my brain at the moment but it will probably be similar but with a full 25″ scale and at least three strings.

Enjoy the photos.





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