Chap’s Stik #2 is Moanin’ the Blues!

Mistakes and all, the second cigar box guitar project is a finished instrument. It is my first mult-string (3) creation and I’m amazed at how well it plays. It’s made from an all-wood box with a 25″ scale red oak neck that gave me fits getting it shaped correctly to fit inside the box. I didn’t install frets but did saw the slots and filled them with filler to mark the finger locations. The nut and bridge pictured are made from oak dyed black with a Sharpie. I’ve since replaced them with pieces of brass bolt in order to lower the playing action. I placed a piezo disk under the lid so I could play it through my amp but something is wrong, it is hardly picking up any string vibration. Back to the drawing board. Strung it with light acoustic strings and tuned it to an open D tuning. Mostly I’m using a slide to play and that is a new experience for me. Having lots of fun, however!

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