Chap’s Stik #3 is Makin’ Noise

This cigar box guitar thing has sunk it’s barb deep into my creative urges. I’ve always enjoyed making things and tinkering around a wood working shop. Back in the 80s I was in the commercial wood working business and got totally burnt out. Since then I’ve had no reason to make sawdust because I don’t need any more boot jacks or what not shelves. CBGs are a lot different than making a boot jack. It combines my need to create with my always enjoying making something with strings make noise.

So, here is the results of my latest efforts, Chap’s Stik #3. A two-string instrument made from a small wood cigar box using a red oak stick for the neck and finishing nails for the frets the 24 frets. The scale is 25″ and it’s tuned to an open D tuning. I placed a small piezo disk under the top to electrify it and it sounds amazingly good when played through a small practice amplifier. As you can see in the photos the tail-piece is a simple cabinet hinge and the bridge a piece of 1/4″ brass bolt which I’ve since replaced with a floating bridge made out of a piece of Brazilian walnut a friend gave me. The nut is from the same material.

Still learning but I’m getting better. Project #4 is already on the drawing board and I’m collecting parts. Eighty percent or more of it is going to be made of things I just found laying around the property.


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