Random Thought: Getting that Christmas Spirit

If you’re my age there may be certain things that help put you in the spirit of the Christmas season. One for me is hearing the jingle of the Salvation Army worker’s bell and dropping a few bucks in their red kettle. Obviously people decorating their lawns and homes is a part of it, as is attending a Christmas concert at the local school. School programs should be a mix of both secular and non-secular music and should rely heavily on traditional, familiar, iconic songs. We attended a school concert this week and of the dozen songs performed I was only familiar with two and frankly exited the building with no more Christmas joy than when I entered. How is it possible to have a CHRISTMAS program without performing Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Here Comes Santa Claus, and Noel. Now that’s a mix that leaves one with visions of sugar plums in their head.

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