Wait a Minute, Mr. Cook!

Yesterday evening I watched NBC’s Brian Williams interviewing Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. One of the questions Cook addressed dealt with Apple’s plans for bringing production back to America. He stated that many of the components used in Apple products are made in America and that Apple plans to begin producing some of its existing Macs here at home.

In a follow-up, Williams asked what the price of an iPhone would be if it were produced in America and not in China? Cook responded by saying that it wasn’t so much a matter of cost, it was more a matter of Americans having the necessary skills to perform the delicate tasks required in the assembly of these products.

Maybe I have too much confidence in the American worker but somehow I’m not buying into Cook’s explanation. Seems to me that if a Chinese company like Foxconn can take people fresh from the farms and teach them how to assemble an iPhone, certainly Apple can train American men and women to do the same. Does he somehow think the Chinese are better because they have tiny little fingers?

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