Chap’s Stik #6 is a Player

Recently finished my sixth attempt at building a cigar box guitar. This one began life as a Rocky Patel Decades all wood box with a roughly textured black finish. The neck is all poplar and stained ebony to match the blackness of the box. For contrast I used brass frets and silver plated hardware I made from old spoons and knife handles. It has a piezo pickup inside for playing through an amplifier.

Several people have asked me about buying one but in my opinion they aren’t good enough yet to sell. They all play but not at the level I could ask money for.

I’ve given several away to family, I play a couple, and the others are probably better suited  for decorating the wall in someone’s man cave or recreation room.

Chap'sStik 6 (1) Chap'sStik 6 (3) Chap'sStik 6 (4) Chap'sStik 6 (5)

One thought on “Chap’s Stik #6 is a Player”

  1. Just be honest, as you’re being above, and sell the ones that aren’t there, yet, specifically to add an atmosphere to someone’s man cave, music room, entertainment room, game room or whatever; the monies gained from this can help you continue to build better and better ones, until you’ll have to landscape an airfield nearby for all the people flying in from all over the world to buy your next ones.

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