In Time for Valentine’s Day, The Love-Bow

Been busy in the workshop turning out simple stringed instruments. The last two projects have been built on the concept of “less is more.” I’m trying to keep true to the beginnings of simple one-string instruments known as diddley bows. The Love-Bow is one I made from a small 4.75″ Valentine cookie can and a simple rough-sawn Catawba stick. I’m making one for each of my granddaughters for Valentine’s Day.

Chap's Stik #9, The Love Bow
A simple 1-string diddly bow made from a small cookie tin and a Catawba stick. Fretted like a dulcimer it is extremely easy to pick out a tune on. The pentatonic scale only plays the 8 major notes (do, re, mi, etc.).

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