The 10th Chap’s Stik, Born a Player

Chap's Stik #10 (8)Just completed my 10th cigar box guitar and it’s the best one yet. It was born a player with no fine tuning required. No fret buzz, no strange sitar like effects going on, the neck feels comfortable, the playing action (distance between frets and strings) is correct, and it looks pretty darned good. Still made a couple of beginner mistakes. First, the sound hole is in the wrong place, should have been in the bottom right quadrant so the metal cover doesn’t interfere with picking or strumming the strings. Secondly, I made the original neck too long and had to do some “hacking” to make it fit. It’s all hidden inside the box but I still know it’s there.

The specifications for this one is a red oak neck with poplar fret board, 22 nickel frets, 25″ scale, enclosed tuners, Cohiba all wood box, red oak nut, 1/8″ steel rod for bridge, tail plate is a hammered out silver plate spoon, and the jack plate is a 1.25″ fender washer. It has a piezo disk pickup run through a volume control and plays very well both acoustically and amplified. I stained the neck and fret board a golden oak and gave it several coats of spray lacquer.

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