Is it Madness Yet?

Larry 'n NassauPeople who know me will know I’m being serious when I ask, is it March Madness yet? On a list of things I am knowledgeable and aware of, conventional sports won’t be found.

I do know that the NCAA decides the national collegiate basketball champion in a series of tournaments held throughout the nation, if your team is good it gets into something called the sweet sixteen, and that if they’re even better they win a place in the final four.

I know this because when I was teaching some coach would walk into the teacher’s lounge every March, take $2 from me, hand me a piece of paper called a bracket, and take it back after I rearranged or scrambled all the college names on the bracket. That would be followed by endless daily discussions about who beat who and other things I had no clue about.

Anyway, this past Sunday I saw several people on Facebook talking about how what happened to Michigan would be good for Ohio State and I wondered if March Madness had begun. I could Google it but then there would have been no reason to write this piece.

Oh, if you want to know who’s the favorite in this year’s Giro d’Italia, I’m your man. I didn’t say I was asport.

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