It’s a small world

itsasmallworldIn 1970 my parents flew to Los Angeles for a visit and to travel back to Ohio as we were relocating. During the week they were there we did all the standard tourist things, Knott’s Berry Farm, Hollywood, Disneyland, etc.

While at Disneyland one of the last things we did in the evening was take a boat through the Small World attraction. The ride consists of about a million small figures of children dressed in ethnic clothing and singing, in very high voices, the song, It’s a Small World.

About half way through the ride the boat broke down and we were stuck for about forty-five minutes before it was repaired. During that time the good people of Walt Land didn’t think to turn the damned music off and cut us some sanity. For years now I cringe every time I hear that song or hear the voices of little children singing. I should sue Disney for the suffering I’ve endured over the decades.

Well, guess what? My son just told me that some guy, in fact, successfully sued the Disney corporation and won a settlement of $8,000 for pain and suffering resulting from being stuck in their Small World ride for fifteen minutes. Hell, I should get three times that plus accrued interest. I might even sue on behalf of my deceased parents. I know they went through hell for years. They even found it difficult to bond with their grandchildren.

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