Maybe the World’s Only Zither Collection, and More!

billy connollyI’ve been watching a four-part PBS series called Billy Connolly’s Route 66. The Scot is traveling on a VW powered tricycle and taking in the sights of America’s “Mother Road.” I’ve made that trip several times over the decades and seeing what remains after the Interstate system made Route 66, and many of the towns it passed through, obsolete.

One thing that captured my attention was a stop he made in Missouri at the undisclosed home of a major collector of many things but especially stringed instruments. This man claims to have the world’s largest, if not only, collection of zithers. He also has amassed a huge amount lap steel guitars, ukuleles, Fender Coronado guitars, and who knows what else. I’m guessing his many rooms have to contain over 2000 instruments, many of which would be extremely valuable. He never sells anything but just adds on when pressed for storage space.

If you’re a lover of guitars and stringed instruments and/or a fan of shows like American Picker you need to take the time to watch the video I’ve embedded below. It’s about five-minutes long and I know it will make you shake your head in wonder.

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