Random Thought: Sushi

sushi plateSushi, you can fancy it up, artistically display it on earthenware slabs, dip it in any number of exotic sauces, surround its consumption in ritual, and charge a fortune for it. But in the end, you’re still eating raw fish.

Now, let’s take that California roll, drag it through an egg wash, roll it in corn meal, plop it into 350 degree peanut oil until it turns golden brown, and call me when it’s ready.

One thought on “Random Thought: Sushi”

  1. A friend pointed out that the raw fish and meat eaten in Japan is called sashimi and that the vegetarian sushi can be very good. Actually, I knew this but not mentioning it made for a better story in my opinion. As a matter of fact, the word sushi refers to the style of rice used and I have had some all vegetable California rolls that were delicious. I’ve also tried sashimi, and steak tartare, and will never get the purpose of eating raw flesh.

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