The Cave and the Code, by Adam Honnold


Adam Honnold is a graduate of E.L. McClain High School and other than knowing his parents and being friends with him on Facebook, I know little else. Adam was never a student of mine so subsequently, I never got to know him. We have had a few friendly exchanges online and I’ve read many of his postings and know him to be a bright young man with many views that I can get on board with.

Recently I picked up a clue that Adam had authored a novel that was being offered on Amazon as a Kindle E-Book. The title of Adam’s book is The Cave and the Code and can be downloaded for just $1.99. You can also visit the site and read a sampling of the novel before making your purchase.

I wish Adam good fortune in his novelist efforts and urge you all to lend him your support and encouragement. For further details and to visit the Amazon site, click HERE.

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