The Decoliner; Rolling Sculpture

decolinerI’ve been watching a reality series on TV titled Storage Wars. One of the cast is a guy named Barry Weiss and he occasionally shows up in a great custom street rod or custom car. I did a little Googling and discovered that the cars are mostly not mere props and in reality are a part of his extensive collection. Weiss is a self-made man with a reported net-worth of $9 million and not in the storage locker auction business to make money. He is the “color” element of the show.

I came across a photo of Weiss driving an elegant art deco motor home called the Decoliner and wondered if it was also a part of his collection. Best I can tell the vehicle stills belongs to its designer and builder, Randy Grubb.

Without knowing it I have seen other creations of Grubb, including a roadster owned by Jay Leno called The Tank. After you’ve watched the included YouTube video of the Decoliner and want to see other Grubb creations, check out his website by clicking HERE.

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