The North Koreans are coming! No, they’re not.

Night time on the Korean Peninsula from a satellite photo.
Night time on the Korean Peninsula from a satellite photo.

I was in town recently and a former student said, “You’re always up on the news, what’s all this about North Korea going to bomb Hawaii and Guam?” Well, first, I’m not always up on the news but I am aware that for many years the North Koreans have rattled their sabers. I also know that since the outbreak of the Korean War in the early 1950s the United States has had an ironclad commitment to protect South Korea from Northern aggression. I know it, the South Koreans know it, the North Koreans know it, the Chinese, the Japanese, and all the world knows it.

Most people also know that the North Koreans have nuclear technology and have been working on the means to deliver nuclear weapons to great distances. But, as former president Bill Clinton once said, using those weapons would be the last thing they ever did. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union there remains no nation capable of matching the military, especially nuclear, capacity of America. While no one in their right mind would wish to see the horrors of nuclear weaponry released, there is little doubt that nuclear aggression from North Korea would be met by a nuclear response from the US.

To drive that point home the US just announced that several B2 stealth bomber flights had been made over the Korean Peninsular. The B2 bomber is our current state of the art means of dropping a nuclear weapon on your head and you not knowing what’s about to happen.

So, to that former student I can only say that Kim Jung Un and his new BBF, Dennis Rodman, can talk all they want but the reality is he will keep his troops and weapons at home. To do otherwise would guarantee the night lights of both Koreas would darken forever.

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