It’s just a simple pie chart!

I really, really, really, want to think the best of the American people. But, sometimes you witness something that makes you want to write them all off as a bunch of freaking idiots. You just have to ask yourself what we ever gained from all the trillions of dollars spent on public education?

On the March 22, 2013 episode of Bill Maher’s program a film crew was sent to the affected area of hurricane Sandy to talk to the people about government spending and government aid. Maher claimed that those interviews aired fairly represented those interviewed.

Basically victims of Sandy were asked if we needed to control the deficit by cutting government spending? The universal answer was, YES! Next they were asked what specific areas of government spending should be stopped or curtailed?  The areas included defense spending, education, health care, Medicare, Social Security, emergency relief, road constructions, unemployment coverage, food stamps, etc. Almost without exception those interviewed didn’t want any of the above cut.

What did they want stopped? They wanted the politicians in Washington to earn less money.

Well here’s the reality. If every politician and their staffs worked for free it wouldn’t make a pimple sized dent in the federal deficit. If you ended the food stamp program, ended all aid to the poor, and all aid to foreign nations you deficit would still be enormous. Why is so difficult for people to look at a budgetary pie chart and not see where the federal government is spending its money and that the majority of it is going to those who may be the loudest complainers, themselves.

Check this chart out. Food stamps are in agricultural spending and look how small a slice that gets. Aid to the poor is human services, foreign aid is international relations and world hunger. Now put those slices together and see if they equal the 15% slice marked X. That X is what were spending on interest on the national debt, the deficit. Now people, when are you going to get serious about defense spending? When are you going to seriously ask why we need yet another $22 billion aircraft carrier? Why are we spending so little on education, human services, research and development, community development, improved transportation, etc. in relationship to defense spending in a world where we are the only super power.

Why did we pay for your education if you’re not able to understand this simple pie chart?


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