Nugget Nectar

troegsnuggetnectarMade a beer run to Jungle Jim’s recently and came home with some Sam Adams Creamy Stout, one of my new BBFs (best brews forever), and a couple of six-packs of Left Hand Brewery’s Nitro Milk Stout, another BBF.

I also filled a couple of six-pack containers with individual brews from the Jungle’s large assortment of singles. Some time ago I discovered a Pennsylvania brewery named Troeg’s. They brew a double bock, Trogenator, that is wonderful so I wanted to try some of their other offerings.

I picked up a bottle of Troeg’s Nugget Nectar and one of Hopback Amber Ale. I tried the Nectar first and immediately decided it wasn’t going to be a BBF. The aroma and flavor heavily leaned toward peaches. Peaches, I do not like fruit flavors in my beer, or in my coffee. Having paid for it I did finish the bottle. The next evening I tried the Hopback and again, found myself drinking peach juice.

After visiting Troeg’s website and reading about these two brews I learned that what I was experiencing was not peaches, but the aroma and flavor of heavily hopped brews. They have a hop index and according to it my favorite double bock rates a 25 while the Hopback comes in at 55 and Nugget Nectar a whopping 95.

In all the different brews I’ve experienced and read about in the past year I’m not sure that I knew what a strong hoppy flavor was. Well, I do now and I know that in the future I’ll be avoiding those that advertise their hoppiness.

While at the Jungle I also picked up several different double bocks that I’m going to try in the future. The first double bock I ever had came from Germany and was called Celebrator. It was too expensive to have too often so I ran into Trogenator and have had it many times now. It’s much more affordable.

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