Greenfield’s salvage food store

There’s a great new resource in town that could save you some major dollars on your food bill. For several years now we’ve been buying staples at the Amish owned Dent & Bent store on Duff Rd. and finding significant values. On May 1 a Greenfield family opened just such a store here in town.


A&L Grocery, located at 11955 SR 753 (next to old Mitchell’s Sporting Goods), has an every growing selection of salvaged foods. These are items that for some reason won’t or can’t be sold in regular groceries. They have exceeded the “best by” date, or a can is dented or the label disfigured. Unlike the Amish store, A&L is also offering a limited variety of produce and day-old breads. They plan to expand their produce line as locally grown vegetables come into season.;

I’ve stopped in twice now and each time came away with a bag or two of goodies for far less than what it would have cost elsewhere. To me there are a couple of simple rules one should follow when shopping in salvage food stores. While the date codes isn’t too important I always check to make sure a jar lid isn’t damaged and is tight and that cans aren’t disfigured along a seam. Adhering to common sense we’ve only had to toss a couple of items.

A&L’s hours are Monday-Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm and on Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. Their phone number is 937 981 1100.

The inventory at these kinds of stores changes rapidly so it pays to make frequent stops.

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  1. Today was the last day the salvage store was open. It has gone out of business. Does anyone know who the owner was? I would like to contact him.

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